Building a Custom Home in Ithaca, NY?

Don’t move in without having an energy assessment done by Energy Tec
So, you decided to build your dream home right here in Ithaca. Make sure that home is everything you’ve ever wanted when you schedule a home energy assessment. Energy Tec specializes in energy assessments for new home construction projects. You can trust us to perform:
Blower door tests
Infrared scans
Draft tests
Gas leak detection
Health and safety analyses
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Get your free or subsidized energy assessment through a state project

Is your home more than a decade old? Energy codes update every year, which means that it won’t take long for your home to become outdated by contemporary energy standards. Luckily, New York residents qualify for free or subsidized energy assessments through the Green Jobs – Green New York program.

Ensure that your Ithaca, NY home meets contemporary energy standards. Call Energy Tec today at 607-351-1157 for more information.

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