Laser Printer Transparency Film (Frosted Finish)



  • Uniform Toner Transfer providing high image density for direct exposure.
  • In-line stabilized to provide superior dimensional and heat stability for good registration.
  • High toner adhesion and UV resistant image at lower levels of toner consumption.
  • Anti-static coating for sharp and smooth image.
  • Compatible with most laser printers.
  • Unbeatable value for money.


eLe Laser Film Frosted is a polyester-based, daylight-working, zero process, dry-to-dry film for making screen printing positives (or negatives) using a desktop computer and laser printer. The UV density of the image is comparable with silver-sensitized graphic arts films and perfectly suited for exposing presensitized positive and negative screen. This laser films serves screen printers as well as offset printers alike.

eLe Laser Film Frosted is a polyester-based film for making Screen Printing Positives. Also suitable for making Offset Printing Positives and Negatives.

Available in 100 or 500 sheet boxes.

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